Efficient On-Call Shift Scheduling Helps Your Business and Your Employees

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Efficient On-Call Shift Scheduling Helps Your Business and Your Employees

For your employees on-call, day or night, the struggle is real when it comes to scheduling mishaps.

On-call building maintenance crews are expected to act fast to stop leaks or fix burst pipes. HVAC technicians rely on accurate on-call schedules to assure someone can respond to power outages and downed lines. IT staff use on-call rotations around the clock to help employees solve their computer crises. On-call healthcare professionals must act fast to respond to medical emergencies. In any industry, on-call employees are needed to quickly address emergencies or other events with minimal hiccups. But when schedule changes happen last minute or someone doesn’t show up for a shift, your employees—and your business bear the burden.

When on-call schedule changes are made on the fly, and not communicated in time, it can be a disruption in your employee’s life. If he was on-call Tuesday and not Wednesday, but he’s still getting calls on Wednesday—while he’s sleeping—his work-life balance is tilted towards work. When you partner with Voice Link’s Professional Live Answering Services, we can help streamline your on-call schedule and empower you to adjust your on-call schedule quickly so you can reduce downtime, increase customer satisfaction, and make happier employers.

Live, Consistent & Professional Greetings from Live Virtual Receptionists

Your incoming calls will be answered by our friendly, resourceful live answering service receptionist. Our telephone answering services include answering questions about your services, take a message that can be routed to the on-call person, and help schedule appointments.

Scheduling Required Services from Incoming Calls

Voice Link’s live answering service, using state-of-the-art scheduling software, can help create schedules for shift assignments, communicate with your employees on schedules, and send alerts to schedule changes.

Emergency & Non-Emergency Customer Call-Filtering

Not every incoming phone call that comes through after-hours needs to be handled right away. Our agents can help prevent unnecessary interruptions to your on-call employees by filtering emergency and non-emergency calls.

Customized Live Answering Scripting

No two businesses are alike, but you can expect the same personalized customer service no matter the industry. We work with you to design an effective and informative incoming call answering service script based on your input.

Consistent Call Reporting

With our inbound call reports, it’s easy for businesses to assess their on-call shifts. You can track calls by location, call times, and the time between calls and delivery to the technician. You can also track call type—sales or service—and drill down into the details of each call, the outcome, etc. Inbound call reports are especially useful for tracking productivity time when it’s tied to employee bonuses.

On-call schedules are always subject to change because employees go on vacation, or take a sick day, or change shifts with another employee. When you have Voice Link’s Live Answering Service, you can focus on business uptime while relieving employees’ stresses from on-call schedule mix-ups. Find your plan or request a quote today!