Why Doctors Who Use Live Answering Services Sleep Better at Night

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Answering patient calls after hours is an age old challenge for doctors in all fields, and sleep for an on-call doctor is typically an elusive thing. Each call must be answered in case it’s an emergency situation, although often patients will call after hours with non-urgent questions. At Voice Link of Columbus, Inc., we have the medical background to know how frustrating this can be. That’s why we created our 24/7 live answering service that has served medical providers for 26 years, and here are just three ways we’ve helped doctors sleep better at night.

Patients talk to a live receptionist representing their practice.

Research has shown that callers prefer to speak to a live agent and not voicemail and that 34% of callers will hang up if they do receive a voicemail. With a live answering service, patients are greeted by professional agents who answer the phone with the name of their doctor’s practice. All calls are answered promptly, no matter the time of day or night.

Patient calls are directed to a live operator who screens the calls for importance based on your priorities. If the call is urgent, the operator directs it to the on-call doctor. If it’s not urgent, the caller’s question is answered courteously and professionally, or a message is taken and forwarded to your practice to be attended to by your staff the following day.

Patient health information is protected.

Operators are rigorously trained on HIPAA regulations and are required to pass the HIPAA exam each year. This ensures that medical practice guidelines are always met, and that your patients’ health information is securely protected at all times.

Voice Link offers a secure communication app that lets care providers text patient information without putting patient PHI at risk. Providers can send secure messages to other providers within their group, and can also attach their dictation right on that message. The message can then be downloaded right into the patient’s electronic chart.

The secure message is sent to the provider from the app, and Voice Link is notified when the provider has read the message. If the provider does not read the message, the answering service agent will call the provider to deliver the message.

An answering service knows your practice and patients.

Medical providers have the flexibility to give an answering service their own protocols to follow, but even if they chose not to the answering service agents will get to know the doctor’s practice and how he or she prioritizes calls. Highly-trained agents are skilled in managing urgent call transfers, call screening,and basic messaging promptly and professionally.

Day or night, outsourcing your practice’s calls will ensure that your patients are attended to with care and compassion, 24/7, 365 days a year so that you can sleep better at night. Voice link offers 26 years of experience in medical answering services and provides live answering services that exceed your expectations. Request information online or call us at (800) 262-2799 for a free consultation.

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