How an Answering Service Can Help Your Business

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Owning and growing a business is far from easy, and while “too much business is a good problem to have”, it’s still a problem. Hiring an answering service is an inexpensive and hassle-free solution for businesses that range from contractors to physicians.

On the Line and On the Ball

An answering service never sleeps – they’re on call all day, every day. So while you’re away from your desk or servicing customers, you won’t miss a single call. Plus, you’ll receive the information instantly via methods that work best for your needs (SMS, Email, HIPAA-approved secure message, secure web portal, etc.)

And remember, an answering service does more than take messages, they can set appointments and assist with other tasks. Plus, when call service personnel are given scripts approved by you, the information they offer is direct and accurate – just like you would give.

A Perfect Fit For Any Business

When you hire an answering service your calls will be answered by a live person reading from a pre-approved script. They can take messages, handle customer service calls, help with order fulfillment, and do a host of other tasks. In addition, service personnel can relay messages via text, email, a page, or call the appropriate person.

Callers who encounter a live agent are more likely to use your service, and because you aren’t missing their messages, your response time is shortened. And regardless of your size, customers will perceive your business as established and able to handle their needs.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re responsible for, an answering service can work with all sorts of businesses such as:

  • HVAC Companies
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Locksmiths
  • Physicians
  • Lawyers
  • Real Estate


A bright, cheerful voice on the other end of the line will keep engaged. This type of first impression can go a long way, and when it’s delivered by an answering service that sounds and talks like your customers, the result is even more impactful.

Benefits of Using an Answering Service

  • Professionals answering your calls and taking clear, concise messages. Callers will be impressed with this and will appreciate not leaving a voice mail. You won’t miss a call while you’re servicing other customers.
  • When you choose an answering service you can visit their facility to view the operation and gauge the level of employee enthusiasm. A visit to an answering service allows you to meet the team handling your calls.
  • The advantage comes in handy when it concerns setting up the answering service or troubleshooting any glitches. A representative from the service can visit your office to show your staff everything they need to know to get the most out of using the answering service.
  • Plus, if you’re unsure of how often you need an answering service or which options you should sign up for, a visit from a representative of the answering service can help identify your challenges and customize the right solution for your business.

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