Is An Answering Service Right for Handling Your Business Calls?

Your Voice Link Answering Service

Running a small to medium-sized business requires a great deal of time and effort – and there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done – like returning voicemails and following up on appointment requests.

That’s why a live telephone answering service like Voice Link is the perfect answer. Our virtual answering services will help you save money, grow your business, and free up your employees to tackle other tasks. So what’s the best way to determine if you need a business phone answering service and how Voice Link can help? Check out the questions below.

When your customers, or prospective customers, expect to reach you around the clock, we can help you answer calls 24/7/365, without you having to take those after-hours and weekend business calls. Voice Link gives you peace of mind, knowing that your customers can call at any time and we will be there to provide a professional answering service.

What does a business answering service do?

Very simply – it’s an outsourced service that answers incoming calls to your business. A live virtual receptionist handles the call, records the information, and then relays it to the client. Voice Link has been providing business phone answering services for 30 years to clients from a variety of industries, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • Service Providers
  • Funeral Homes
  • Legal
  • Real Estate

Can I get an around-the-clock service for incoming business calls?

Our live virtual receptionists are on the job 24/7/365. No more missed calls, and missed sales opportunities.

How can an answering service help me if I own a sales-based business with multiple employees who are always on the road?

When your sales force is in the field traveling and attending to customers, they can miss important business phone calls and spend time trying to retrieve them. Voice Link employees will answer calls and then send the information directly to members of your sales team, so they can follow up quickly and save valuable time.

How can an answering service help with appointments?

When you sign up for Voice Link’s virtual answering service, we’ll conduct an intake session to understand your business completely – we’ll also get all of your important contact information and create a detailed profile. This allows us to schedule appointments on your own personal calendar, along with reminders that will go out automatically via phone or email.

Besides answering calls, what else can a virtual receptionist service do?

Voice Link’s services go beyond answering calls and scheduling appointments, we can supply you with a dedicated live virtual receptionist that can handle a variety of tasks. This allows your other employees to handle their own specific duties. Our other services include:

  • Loyalty programs
  • Help desk/tech support
  • Recalls
  • Whistleblower hotlines
  • Emergency/disaster response
  • Emergency call center services

If I have a receptionist, do I need a live call answering service?

Your receptionist already has a lot of responsibilities that fill up the day, so a dedicated line that goes directly to a virtual receptionist frees them up to attend to other duties. You won’t have to pay out benefits or insurance or spend time on training when you hire a virtual employee.

Can an answering service handle customer service requests and complaints?

Correctly handling customer interactions is vital for growth and building a solid reputation for providing excellent service. The receptionists assigned to your account will be completely briefed on your business and the tasks they are expected to handle. As a result, calls will be taken quickly, solutions will be offered to callers, and you’ll receive a complete record of every interaction.

Are these live answering services outsourced to foreign countries?

All of Voice Link’s services are based in America. Since we started 30 years ago, we have never outsourced our services to other countries.

Do you have to have a certain amount of employees or yearly sales to qualify for an answering service?

Voice Link’s services are affordable and scaled to fit your needs. Whether it’s one person or 100, we’re ready to work for you!

How do I get my messages?

Messages are delivered using a mobile app that sends secure email or text messages to your phone. This replacement method for supplement paging technology enables two-way instant and secure communications.

How can I get started?

You can contact Voice Link today at our website! Or call (800) 262-2799.