How Does A Live Answering & Virtual Receptionist Work?

Voice Link - How Does A Live Answering & Virtual Receptionist Work?


Let’s start first by explaining what a live answering and virtual receptionist service is. Think of it as the next generation of an answering service. Traditionally, a third-party answered the phone and took messages for a provider or a business owner. But with the advances of digital and telecommunications technology like mobile phones, voice over IP, email, and text and instant messaging, live answering and virtual receptionist services offer so much more than someone picking up the phone! They can be an essential part of your business communications plans.

Whether current customers or potential clients, no caller wants to go to voicemail. In fact, 72-80% of callers hang up if their call is answered by voicemail. If you are a service provider struggling to take calls during business hours or spending your evenings and weekends returning missed calls, Voice Link’s live telephone answering service can help. With more than 30 years of experience using industry-leading technology, we offer the highest quality virtual receptionist services to help improve your customers’ experience and help grow your business. Here is how our live answering and virtual receptionist services work.

Step 1: We get to know your business by asking the right questions and gathering critical information that your expert virtual receptionists need to become an extension of your business.

Step 2: We create a customized call script and messaging that your virtual receptionists will use as a guide for handling your calls.

Step 3:  You get your own account to forward your calls to the live answering service, or you can set up so that calls automatically roll over to your virtual receptionist before they go to voicemail.

Step 4: Your inbound calls are answered by a professional, friendly, and compassionate virtual receptionist, with your company name so your customers get a live person answering the phone every time they call.

Step 5: Your virtual receptionists actively listen and learn from your callers to determine their specific needs.

Step 6: Based on your customized procedures, your virtual receptionists will route the calls to you, take a message, send an email, or send a text, whatever communication method you prefer.

Step 7: All your call details are logged and delivered to you on the frequency you prefer.

Step 8: Using our proprietary tracking program, we monitor and grade our virtual receptionists on their overall call etiquette and other operational protocols to ensure they are delivering the best live answering service experience possible.

No matter the state-of-the-art technology or proprietary tracking methods we use, at Voice Link, good phone answering is our core business.

Our live answering services include:

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Live Customer Service Specialists
  • Customer Service Support
  • Order Entry
  • Dealer Locator & Referral
  • Dispatch
  • Secure Mobile App

Now that you know how a live answering and virtual receptionist works. Let Voice Link go to work for you with a live answering service customized to meet your unique business needs. Find the plan that is right for you and request a quote today.