Surprising Things a Live Answering Service Can Do

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A phone answering service can do far more than just answer incoming calls when you can’t. Voice Link’s modern live answering services can provide a full range of business solutions for healthcare providers, trade and professional service providers, and industries of all shapes and sizes. But what may surprise you, is Voice Link’s virtual receptionist services include those Here are some surprising things that Voice Link’s call center solutions can do for your business.

Here are some surprising things that Voice Link’s call center solutions can do for your business.

Whistleblower hotline. 

Employees want to feel safe and remain anonymous when reporting possible ethics violations while on the job. Voice Link’s live answering service can provide 3rd party whistleblower hotlines for organizations to independently collect complaints such as OSHA violations, fraud, waste, abuse, and other alleged illegal activity.

Preliminary job application screening

Taking incoming calls from prospecting employees can be time-consuming for small businesses. Voice Link’s virtual receptionist services can free up your time by disqualifying candidates who don’t meet the basic job requirements by asking preliminary questions like confirming age, licensure requirements, background checks, etc., and sending the qualified candidates to you.

Basic patient Intake. 

Most patients would prefer not to have to come to a doctor’s appointment early or go online to fill out paperwork ahead of their visit. Voice Link’s HIPAA trained live call answering agents can improve your customers’ experience and take some of the administrative burdens off your staff by taking basic patient pre-registration information from your patients in advance of their appointments.

Pre-appointment questions

If you are a service provider, you juggle many tasks throughout the day, including taking incoming calls and setting appointments. Voice Link can help you with inquiries and pre-appointment assessments. Our trained, professional virtual receptionists will follow up with service requests to confirm the nature of the problem, the client’s address, email address, best times for a service visit, etc., and get the information to you ahead of your service call.


Customer surveys are a great tool for measuring how well buyers perceive your company’s customer service performance or an individual’s performance within your company and can provide a roadmap for improvements. Because they can be time-consuming, and you may lack the people resources to carry them out, Voice Link can partner with you to help manage the surveys with our customer service answering service.

Marketing campaigns. 

Staying competitive means maximizing your marketing campaigns by capturing and qualifying more leads. With a set number specific to your marketing initiatives, you’ll be able to see real call return-on-investment from your initiatives. Let Voice Link’s live answering call center be part of your campaign by qualifying and prioritizing inbound leads based on your criteria so you can focus on the right ones.

Employee callouts. 

Tracking employee absences can be time-consuming; even overwhelming if you have a large workforce. When you partner with Voice Link, you get a dedicated, 24 hour live answering service that not only takes employee’s calls if they are going to be late or absent but also documents them so you can track the callouts should legal concerns arise.

Dealer locator.

 If your business has multiple locations, customers are looking for the one nearest to them. Voice Link’s live answering service can direct callers based on their zip code or other parameters determined by you, to the closest location using our dealer locator service. This quick and convenient service can improve your customers’ experience as well as your brand awareness.

Service line for troubleshooting. 

Sometimes customers need an immediate response to their emails, texts, or phone calls when it comes to service or product issues. Voice Link’s professional, highly trained live answering agents can be the first step to field those calls by performing troubleshooting steps, and identifying possible issues, saving time for your staff.

These are just some of the ways our live answering services can help support your business. Our core services include:

  • Customer Service Call Center
  • Order Entry Service
  • Live Answering Service
  • Secure Messaging

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