Voice Link: The Answering Service for Plumbers


No matter if it is a broken water line or a failed sump pump, when a plumbing emergency happens, your customers need immediate service. Maybe your business is easy to find online, with top-rated reviews & impeccable customer service, but when potential clients try to reach you by phone and go directly to voicemail or get an automated attendant, their frustration and stress only increase. Customers need immediate service, and if they don’t receive it, they’ll move on to the next business.

Plumbing businesses rely on phone calls as their most significant source of sales, especially when a problem needs to be fixed immediately. A live answering service for plumbers could make a huge, positive impact on your business. Working with a virtual receptionist means your business will never miss a call, even when you are not available to take it. What can Voice Link’s answering service for plumbers do for you? 

Take a look:

  • Answer incoming phone calls, LIVE, 24 hours a day
  • Filter emergency and non-emergency customer service calls
  • Provide multiple emergency dispatching options: text, email, paging, or mobile phone
  • Handle inbound and rollover call volume
  • Schedule appointments
  • Administer phone messages in real-time

Why Voice Link?

Voice Link doesn’t just pick up the phone. Our live call answering agents are committed members of your team who can improve your customer service and your bottom line. We are:

  • Live. Not all answering service companies have a live virtual receptionist answering the phone.
  • Experienced. We have over 30 years of customer service experience, with a 100% USA-based team of dedicated, professional, courteous, compassionate team of live answering agents who perform at the highest level.
  • Customer-centric. A positive customer service experience can inspire customer loyalty. Voice Link’s 24 hour live answering service gives your customers the experience they are looking for. With 2.4 million calls answered annually, a zero to 14 second hold time, and a 92% customer referral rating, you can rely on us to provide a professional answering service for your business.
  • Professional. Our entire team of professional answering agents is trained to listen to the caller, and gather the right information by asking the right questions so they are creating value with every customer engagement.
  • Accountable. Our quality assurance metrics ensure our live answering services exceed your expectations. Through our proprietary tracking program, we monitor our agents for: professionalism, listening to and focusing on customer needs, information gathering, etiquette, and operational protocols.
  • Cost-effective. We understand that plumbers and plumbing companies have seasonal spikes. Since your cost is based on volume, we offer flexible answering service pricing options so you can scale back during the off months.
  • Revenue and growth boosters. Our live call answering services reduce response time, increase productivity, capture more leads, prequalify leads, close deals faster, and increase your revenue opportunities.

No matter which package you choose—Starter, Professional, Business, or Enterprise—you receive the highest level of professional service.

Let Voice Link’s 24/7, local, live answering services for plumbers help you solve the challenges that are specific to your unique business. Never miss a call or an opportunity again. Find the plan that is right for you.