How Virtual Receptionists Help Realtors Sell & Succeed


Every single phone call in the real estate business is a link to a potential buyer or seller. When a realtor’s phone rings it could be a buyer ready to make an offer or a seller ready to accept one, or anything in between. Prospective and current clients expect real estate agents to be professional and organized enough to answer each call, regardless of when they make that call.

At the same time, every real estate agent knows that it’s just not possible to answer each incoming call when they’re busy meeting with clients, showing properties, or going through the paperwork of a closing.

Realtors who work for larger agencies may have the benefit of an in-house receptionist to answer calls. However, even in that case, the receptionist is often busy with other calls and also isn’t available to answer calls after hours, on weekends, or over holidays. And for realtors working on their own, hiring an assistant to manage calls is often not too costly.

For any realtor, whether they work with a large agency or independently on their own, virtual receptionists offer the ideal solution. Virtual receptionists at a realtor answering service can handle everything an on-staff receptionist would at a fraction of the cost, with no overhead, 24/7, 365 days a year. (See How Businesses Can Save $30k By Hiring A Virtual Receptionist.)

All calls are answered promptly by a friendly, professionally-trained receptionist who knows the in’s and out’s of a realtor’s business. They can easily answer questions, schedule appointments, and arrange showings. They stay familiar with an agent’s priorities so that they know which calls are urgent and need to be transferred right away, and which are not.

Virtual receptionists that provide real estate solutions are also beneficial for property managers, construction contractors, and HVAC technicians. Communication plans are tailored specifically to each business owner and their prospective and current clients.

With a team of virtual receptionists at a live answering service, you have coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whether it is answering after-hours calls from prospective and current clients, assisting your taking rollover calls during business hours, or confirming your appointments. Customized communication solutions, secure messaging, and appointment scheduling will save you time and money while improving customer satisfaction.

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