Inclement Weather Closing Your Office? How Voice Link Can Help

Voice link - inclement weather

Icy roads keeping employees at home? Hurricanes or tornadoes heading your way? In the case of a severe weather event, does your business have a plan in place to keep your employees safe, your customers engaged, and your operations up and running? It’s important for businesses of all shapes and sizes to be prepared for disruptions and downtime in the case of severe weather.

For more than 30 years, Voice Link has been at the forefront of dedicated virtual receptionist services. We know how crucial it is that ringing phones are answered and on-line requests are met, even in the midst of a natural disaster or inclement weather. Our live answering service is uniquely poised to be there when your employees can’t. With our web-enabled, leading-edge technology, we can help keep your business up and running when you have to close your office. Our professional 24-hour live answering services:  

Keep employees safe and secure

Whether it is dangerous snow or ice conditions or extreme wind and rain events, your employees shouldn’t be on the roads; and neither should you. Sometimes closing your office is a necessity in order to keep you and your team safe. Our live answering service offers flexible solutions that ensure your customers’ needs are met until you can safely get back to the office. Also, a virtual receptionist allows you to protect your employee’s privacy so they don’t have to give out their personal mobile numbers when working from home.  

Keep customers happy

If you have customers and clients across the country and the globe, chances are they aren’t impacted by the same weather situations as your company; so they presume it’s business as usual. A live answering service lets your employees work from home and meet your customers’ expectations.  

Protect your bottom line

Missed calls not only cost you customers; they can cost your business money in lost business opportunities. Missed calls can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on the price of your service or product. Using a live answering service during inclement weather enables you to continue to make money even when your office is closed.

Our location

Because we are located in Columbus, Georgia, we aren’t as likely to be affected by extreme weather conditions, so we can act as an extension of your business when your employees can’t make it to the office.

Our team

Our team of dedicated virtual receptionists is 100% U.S.A.-based. They provide immediate, real-time and high-quality support to serve your customers when you have to close your office.  


Find Your Plan

With 24/7 availability and experienced live customer service specialists, let Voice Link help you keep your business open during inclement weather. Shop our plans, check out our pricing options, or give us a call at (706) 391-4623 for a free consultation.