Is Your Janitorial Service Busy? A Local Answering Service Can Help!

Voice Link - Janitorial Answering

Maybe you never intended for your janitorial service to operate 24/7, but COVID-19 upended many business models, and as the heroes of our economy right now—keeping businesses safe and clean so they can reopen and remain open—you have probably found yourself and your employees working around the clock. Now, more than ever, janitorial service providers are struggling to keep up with their phone calls. Let Voice Link be your personal customer support team.

With Voice Link’s live janitorial answering service, customer service call center, and order entry services, you can make cleaning and disinfecting your priority without worry about incoming calls going unanswered.

When you shift the phone answering to us, you’ll get:

Live Answering

Our USA-based, professionally trained virtual receptionists answer your calls live, with your company name, and follow the script, according to your instructions.

24/7/365 Hours Service

We never close so you can. Voicer Link gives you peace of mind, knowing that your customers can call all day and night and we’ll be there to take their calls.

Rollover Calls

If you have peak hours in the day or week when your call volume is heavier than usual, our live answering service can stay ahead of the ring for you so your clients or potential ones, don’t go to voicemail.

Appointment Scheduling

When the phone rings, it’s quite often a client who wants to set up an appointment or change an existing one. We not only take the calls but using state-of-the-art software, we can help set and change appointments so you can focus on keeping your customers and their employees safe.


Voice Link serves as a middle-man dispatcher between your customers and your personnel to keep you cleaning while ensuring your customers’ needs are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Filtering non-emergency and emergency calls during normal work hours

Janitorial emergencies don’t just happen after hours; they can occur anytime during the day. But not all of them are urgent. So you don’t waste a minute of your busy day, Voice Link’s live answering service can filter your calls by priority.

Emergency Response

If a facility believes it has been exposed to the COVID-19 virus or has a confirmed case of the coronavirus, they need emergency service. We’ll route the calls by text, email, paging, or calling your representative’s cell, all based on your protocol.

Sales Support

While you are busy cleaning and disinfecting an existing client’s business, our live answering service will make sure you don’t miss a call from a potential new customer.

For more than 30 years, our team at Voice Link has provided professional live janitorial answering services to businesses across the US.

Find Your Plan

Our services save you time and money, increasing productivity and your bottom line so your janitorial business can focus on helping your customers safely reopen and operate with full confidence without ever having to miss a call. Shop our plans, find more revenue, or give us a call at (706) 391-4623 for a free consultation.