Live Answering Services for Education Institutions

Live Answering Services for Education Institutions

It’s the start of the new school year at colleges and universities, and that means more phone calls. Students will have questions about dorm assignments, enrollment status, tuition assistance, and schedule changes. Voice Link of Columbus can help your team answer the phone.

With students and parents anxious to get answers, they’re not happy if they end up in voicemail waiting for a callback, listening to automated recordings, or holding for the next available person for 45 minutes. They want a live human being. So how can your administrative staff keep up with the volume of phone calls while keeping everyone happy? Virtual receptionists for higher education who are trained like Voice Link can help you get this academic year off to a good start and help you answer the phone calls.

Our team of professional, highly-trained agents can act as your inbound call center answering your calls promptly and answering any questions students, potential students, and parents might have about your educational institution. Here are some of the benefits of hiring Voice Link as your live answering service.

Round-the-clock live answering

We know your staff can’t work 24/7, but we can.

FERPA-trained agents

All of our live answering service agents are rigorously trained on FERP regulations and are ready to confidentially answer questions regarding financial aid, admissions, and registration.  

Recorded and documented calls

All calls answered by our live answering service agents are recorded and documented, and college administrators have full access to all of the calls, at any time.  

Special call forwarding protocols

Based on your set of processes, our live answering service agents are trained to direct any call that needs extra attention to the right department or individual for direct follow-up.

Extension of your institution

Student callers won’t even know they’re speaking to someone off-campus. Our professional, compassionate agents will answer calls using your college or university’s name and act as a direct extension of your administrative staff.

Tailored FAQ plan

Working with your administrative personnel, we’ll develop a custom FAQ questionnaire relating to financial aid, admission, registrar, housing, and bursar to help answer some of your students most often asked questions.

Voice Link is here to answer the call for your university or college! Request a Quote today or you can fill out our survey to find the plan that’s right for you.

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