Medical Answering Service and HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare virtual receptionist

The COVID-19 pandemic put extreme stress on not only the medical office as a workplace but also increased the number of patients calling in looking for answers. As variants of the virus continue to evolve, and vaccinations and boosters are developed to keep up, the questions continue. Having an after-hours medical call answering service is often the norm for any medical office, but why just after-hours?

Today’s virtual receptionists can help you and your staff handle the increased demands and improve office efficiencies at any time of day.  Here’s how Voice Link’s medical call answering service can help.

HIPAA-trained operators

Not all call answering services agents are HIPAA trained. At Voice Link, our professional agents are rigorously trained on HIPAA regulations and all operators are tested and are required to pass the HIPAA test each year. You and your patients can have peace of mind knowing that all messages are transmitted, stored, or destroyed appropriately. When a live person answers the phone, your patients will feel more secure in giving their information out rather than leaving it in a voicemail message.  

Secure Encrypted Messages

Your PHI data is securely encrypted on both the sending and receiving end when you use our Secure Mobile Messaging App. The App ensures that patient data remains confidential while physicians receive and respond to important and/or time-sensitive messages. The provider can also attach their dictation right on that message using this app. The message can be downloaded right into the patient electronic chart. Meanwhile, you and your team have more time to focus on the care your patients are seeking. Messages are instant for fast collaborative communications.

Optimize Appointment Scheduling

The phone is the main method of making and rescheduling appointments with medical practice—for new patients and existing ones. It also puts a demand on your staff’s workload. Voice Link’s medical call answering service can help optimize the process of appointment scheduling and gathering information for new patient intakes.  

We understand the demands and challenges you face running your medical practice. Voice Link is here to answer the call for your healthcare practice! Request a Quote today or you can fill out our survey to find the call answering service plan that’s right for you.

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