Top 3 Ways A Legal Answering Service Improves Client Loyalty

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Communication is everything in the legal profession, particularly between a lawyer and a client. Poor communication from a lawyer or staff at the practice erodes a client’s trust, while professional and prompt communication increases client loyalty. Answering services that have the training and experience to partner with legal practices are essential resources to improve client loyalty in 3 critical ways:


Clients count on being able to quickly convey information and receive a timely reply. They shouldn’t be expected to have the patience or the time to deal with frustrating answering machines, busy signals, or long hold times. Legal answering service receptionists become representatives of the practice, answering clients’ calls any time of the day or night, 365 days a year. As they act as an extension of the practice, clients feel valued and attended to while the practice’s staff is free to attend to their tasks.


Answering service professionals act as an extension of any law practice, and in doing so they must answer incoming calls and record messages with utmost accuracy. The receptionists should be directed to adhere to the lawyer’s specific instructions regarding answering general questions about the practice.

Legal answering service receptionists must also be aware of time-sensitive or urgent situations and know with confidence when to screen or when to transfer callers. Legal call representatives must also speak clearly and repeat back client’s information so that there’s absolutely no misinformation or gaps in communication.


It’s without question that legal answering service receptionists must protect client confidentiality at all times. Professional answering service receptionists must be thoroughly trained in how to uphold confidentiality between a lawyer and a client because even the smallest breach in client confidentiality is serious business.

Availability, accuracy, and confidentiality are services that any lawyer simply cannot compromise. Partnering with a reputable legal answering service is an investment in the satisfaction and loyalty of your clients and the growth of your practice.

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