Why Answering Services Are The Fastest Way To Grow Your Legal Practice

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Lawyers and attorneys are constantly juggling clients, cases, and tasks, which makes it difficult to stay on top of routine tasks like answering phone calls. However, each and every phone call represents an opportunity to interact with potential and current clients, so failing to answer each call eventually slows or even reverses the growth of the practice. However, live legal answering services can solve this scenario in a way that turbo-boosts growth while also saving time and money.

Answering service call representatives become an extension of your legal practice to ensure that all client calls are handled consistently and thoroughly. Clients aren’t usually even aware that they’re speaking with someone who’s not physically in your law office. When clients’ calls are always answered promptly and professionally, it sets the tone that they are valued and that they’ll be taken care of through all their interactions with the practice.

Client calls are directed to a live receptionist who evaluates the calls for importance based on your specifications and priorities. If the call is urgent, the operator directs it to the appropriate staff member. If the call is not urgent, the caller’s question is answered courteously and professionally, or a message is taken and forwarded to your practice if additional follow-up is required.

Your clients always talk to a live operator who is equipped to handle your call volume. Professional legal answering service receptionists are skilled at gathering critical information to ensure you know everything you need about a client’s concerns or their case.

In addition to handling 24/7 client communication, all calls are recorded, which can be valuable for documentation details. The answering service receptionists who manage calls of a legal matter are also specifically trained so that client confidentiality is protected at all times.

Productivity & Client Loyalty Soar

Perhaps most importantly, outsourcing your legal practice calls enables you and your office staff to stay focused on the clients or tasks in front of you. Meanwhile, the clients in your office are more satisfied with the level of in-person attention they receive, and the clients who are calling your phones are likewise more pleased with the fast and friendly call answering. As a result, client loyalty soars and your productivity becomes more streamlined so that you’re able to take on even more clients.

An answering service provides a team of dedicated receptionists at a fraction of the cost of an in-house staff receptionist. Using a live answering service to cover your legal practice calls will:

  • Increase client retention
  • Capture new client leads
  • Lower your overhead
  • Save time

Answering services are designed to handle much higher phone traffic than your staff can manage, promptly and professionally, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The answering service call representatives can also assist with scheduling appointments and other requests.

Voice Link of Columbus, Inc. provides customized answering service solutions to the legal industry. Whether you are a solo attorney, or are part of a small law firm or a large legal team, Voice Link has options that can help you deliver excellent client communications and be more productive all around.

With 30 years of experience and an 82% referral rate, Voice Link of Columbus, Inc. provides live answering services that exceed your expectations, 24/7, 365 days of the year. We offer month-to-month service agreements with no hidden fees to meet the needs of any legal practice, regardless of size. Request information online or call us at (800) 262-2799 for a free consultation.