Virtual Receptionist vs. Full-Time Receptionist: Which Should You Choose?

Your Voice Link Answering Services for Small Business

As a business grows, the cumulation of tasks sometimes starts to outpace the number of people you have to complete them. One of the first responsibilities that begin to get out of control is reception; answering phones, booking appointments, and all the necessary day-to-day tasks to keep the rest of the business busy. If you are considering hiring a full-time receptionist but have come across the new services of a Virtual Receptionist, it may look like comparing apples to oranges. Does one situation have an advantage over the other? The best way to decide is to first take a look at your business needs.

What do you require from a receptionist?

While a receptionist is sometimes a catch-all term for many responsibilities associated with the front desk, make sure you know from the start which tasks you will and won’t delegate to reception:

  • Answering incoming calls
  • Booking appointments
  • Processing payments
  • Sorting and distributing mail (and email)
  • Assisting clients

Once you’ve defined the role, it’s easier to find the solution that works for you. Is there enough to do that requires a full-time, on-site employee? A Virtual Receptionist is not a call center service, it is a dedicated person who becomes part of your team and your business. The role can be created to take over the tasks you delegate so you get back more time to focus on the high-level decision-making that requires your attention. 

What can you afford?

As a business owner, you’re already familiar with the incidental costs of hiring and onboarding. The amount of time in interviewing for the position is a big cost to you and your business. A full-time position has the added expenses of vacation and sick pay, benefits and insurance, and workman’s comp. And those begin to add up. Being on-site means the position will also eat into the overhead of office supplies and workspace. Virtual Receptionist options like Voice Link eliminate these costs. Instead of earmarking nearly $50,000 annually, Virtual Receptionist services are more cost-effective and paid per minute in most instances. 

Return on Investment?

When you are faced with two options with very different price points, you’ll want to be sure that the service provided will offer you the best Return on Investment for your business. As well as eliminating overhead costs, a Virtual Receptionist also avoids the pains of onboarding. Employees are ready to learn your service and begin performing vital functions in a matter of days. As their service begins to ease the workload from your business, you’ll gain more time for performing your vital role as a business owner making decisions for the future of your company. 

A Virtual Receptionist also eliminates any gaps in service. An on-site employee would have lunch breaks, vacation time and occasionally miss calls. Virtual Receptionists are available during all work hours and answer calls within 30 seconds. Your clients receive a consistent and positive experience every time they call. 

The Deciding Factor

Small businesses need to make fiscally responsible decisions and be able to see the long-term benefits and costs of those decisions. When you’re feeling the need for a dedicated receptionist, but also recognize that there are pitfalls to having a single, on-site employee, a new Virtual Receptionist may be the alternative that fits the bill! Between the cost savings, full work-day coverage, and easy onboarding, a Virtual Receptionist will be a vital and integral part of your business in no time. 

At Voice Link, our team will work with you to design a plan that fits the front office needs of your business. Reach out to us today to request a quote