Voicemail Doesn’t Cut It: Here’s Why Professionals Choose A Live Answering Service

Voicemail Doesn't Cut It

Many businesses, small and large, make the mistake of not employing the help of a live answering service. When a customer reaches out to the company, they often get referred to voicemail without any interaction from a human receptionist. This may not seem like a problem, but it has a negative impact on a consumer’s perception of a business.

Whether potential customers have a question, comment, or concern, they deserve to speak to a live receptionist. Giving anyone the runaround with an automated answering system automatically closes the door on communication. It also reinforces the belief that the company doesn’t care about customer satisfaction, and this leads potential customers to choose to deal with other companies instead.

Though voicemail is by far the most affordable and budget-friendly option, it doesn’t make it the most professional or useful. Saving money is often the driving force behind opting for automated answering systems, but it costs more money than hiring a live answering service. Why is that? Ultimately, when consumers reach out to a company, they want an instant line of communication. If this doesn’t happen, they take their business elsewhere, resulting in a profit loss for the company.

Though statistics are often changing, most recently conducted studies suggest that over 70% of consumers hang up within a minute of being referred to voicemail. This leaves a very small margin of error for businesses as most won’t leave their contact information on the answering system. In short, 7 out of 10 customers leave without ever interacting with a company again.

Fortunately, there’s a way to effectively change all of this! A live answering service solves this problem among many others. Even for companies with receptionists, these services are beneficial. They help save money, but also ensure that calls are answered 24/7, including the weekends. 

What does a live answering service entail? Instead of having to permanently hire a team member, companies can outsource their phone calls to virtual receptionists. These professionals can answer simple questions and concerns that customers may have. What’s more, thanks to their years of experience and training, virtual receptionists can seamlessly transition into the role of representing virtually any business in the world. Most customers never know that their calls were outsourced in the first place!

A live answering service costs more than voicemail, but considering the number of consumers that won’t take their business elsewhere, it’s a win-win situation! The service will pay for itself tenfold while also making customers happy. Of course, there are additional advantages to choosing to invest in a live virtual assistant:

  • *Calls are answered in a timely manner by professionals. 
  • *A higher level of customer satisfaction. When questions are quickly answered and problems resolved, customers are happy and will remain loyal to a business.
  • *Quicker appointments made by eager consumers. As appointments are booked, companies are directly made aware of scheduling changes.

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