Do You Recognize These 3 Customer Service Problems?

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Do You Recognize These 3 Customer Service Problems?

Ever since Alexander Graham Bell first talked to his assistant, Thomas Watson, across a wire in their Boston laboratory in the first successful telephone transmission, we’ve been using the power of the telephone to communicate and do business. His invention turned the modern world upside down with the ability to talk and share information through a handheld device.


Of course, much has changed since March 10, 1876, but one thing has remained constant, the need for clear and responsive customer service.


Long Hold Times


It seems obvious to say that customers don’t want to wait. After all, no one wants to waste their day sitting on the phone when they have other tasks to attend to. Not only that, chances are if they’re calling in, customers have a problem that needs a quick resolution to a problem. Consider, however, the potential consequences of forcing customers to sit on hold long past the point when their tolerance begins to wane.


Offering detailed information when on hold can help eliminate ambiguity and set expectations for the call. Make your directions as clear and concise as possible. Adding more phonebook menu options and shortcuts for callers to find the right person quickly are also helpful. 


Most customers are delighted when they go straight to a live person. Including an option to immediately connect the caller with a live person can expedite the service process. During peak call times, you can let callers know how long wait times are. 


Many customers view wait time as one of the key indicators of customer service for your business. Shorter wait times, quicker responses, and eliminating the wait for supervisor approval for minor issues will quickly convince your customers that you’re doing a great job of meeting their needs. 


Unreturned Voicemails


The use of voicemails is declining, with major companies ditching their voicemail systems altogether. As a younger generation of consumers don’t use landlines and can often tell who called them from the screen of their phone, most don’t listen to voicemails.


Even as recently as ten-years ago, leaving voicemails was an essential way to relay messages to a company, friend or client. Now, voicemail technology seems antiquated. With companies embracing apps, chat modules, and SMS capabilities, many will say voicemail has become a necessary evil. 


Businesses miss valuable customer service opportunities because they do not pay enough attention to voicemail messages or messages taken by associates. Don’t lose customers because of poor messaging skills. Taking excellent messages and addressing them in a timely fashion can save your company a great deal of money and provide incredible value in satisfied customers.


Delivering Accurate Information


Having a consistent brand and presence even with your telephone service can pay dividends amongst your competition. Today’s customer wants timely and accurate information quickly, without hesitation or interruption. 


But how do you know the information presented over the telephone is correct? How can businesses provide 100% accurately? Installing service standards through a systematized set of protocols can get your business on the right track. 


Using trained and experienced customer service representatives using state-of-the-art technology can alleviate a lot of issues. Working internally with management, employees, and customers can provide a set of expectations and conduct for those answering the phones. Getting feedback from follow-up calls/questionnaires can be used to check customer satisfaction. 


Voice Link Customer Service Solutions

Customer service’s importance is growing in part because it’s too easy for customers to switch to different brands. 


Voice Link can become an extension of your company with our Order Entry and Customer Care services that can be designed to fit your businesses’ needs. We can provide services like virtual seminar booking, reservations lines, customer care, and virtual receptionists for clients on a 24/7, after hours, or as-needed basis. 


Our virtual receptionists can handle customer service inquiries regardless of the size or scale of your business. We use state-of-the-art technology solutions fronted by capable, courteous and service-oriented call center professionals.


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