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Keeping your data safe and eliminating outside access to personally-identifying client or customer information is more important than ever. In today’s age of security concerns, every business needs to maintain privacy for their clients’ personal data. And if your business is in a medical or healthcare related field, protecting patient health information is extremely crucial.

Voice Link utilizes state-of-the-art technology with the YourVoiceLink Secure Mobile App. This HIPAA and HITECH-compliant app replaces paging with two-way instant and secure messages that can be sent to your smartphone or any other mobile device.

By encrypting your information on both sending and receiving ends, YourVoiceLink Secure Mobile App ensures that every bit of your data remains confidential, while still giving you access to receiving and responding to important or time-sensitive messages. You can even send secure a message to your colleagues from this app.

Using the YourVoiceLink Secure Mobile App, we can also generate customized reports so you can keep a record of all your messages. With this data, we can also help generate profits and build your business through our data-driven analytics.

Consider these key benefits of YourVoiceLink Secure Mobile App:

  • Keep Communications Private — Messages are not stored on your devices, passcodes can be required, and access can be remotely disabled.
  • Save Time — Messages are sent and received instantly.
  • Save Money — Let your clinicians and staff consolidate devices and reduce costs when you eliminate pagers. Send an unlimited number of messages, with an unlimited number of characters.
  • Never Miss A Message — Users instantly see which recipients have their status set to on, and which are off. Critical messages can be designated as high priority, and persistent alerting ensures recipients see their messages quickly.
  • Easy to Use — Easily customize settings, such as notification/sound options as well as how often users are notified of pending messages.
  • Easy to Access — Available as either a cloud-based or on-site solution, using both WiFi and 3G/4G technology to ensure messages are sent and received from virtually anywhere.
  • Streamline Communications — Messages are separate from other e-mail and SMS messages, making it easier to track conversations.

YourVoiceLink Secure Mobile App delivers state-of -the-art technology that you can trust! Voice Link is a certified partner with miSecureMessages.

miSecure Messages - Certified Partner

Operating out of Columbus, GA, Voice Link of Columbus, Inc. has earned an 82% referral rate for communication and business 

solutions, including secure messaging, call answering, order taking, and appointment scheduling services that save clients’ valuable time and money while improving their customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.

Voice Link was launched 27 years ago in order to fulfill the need for advanced telecommunication solutions and call answering services, particularly for the medical industry. Since then, Voice Link has grown to serve clients across all industries while maintaining a philosophy of delivering customized customer service solutions and personal attention.

To learn more about Voice Link’s month-to-month service agreements, expert staff, and state-of-the-art secure mobile app technology, request information online or call (800) 262-2799 for a free consultation.