How Does a Live Answering Service Manage My Calls & Messages?

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Answering services, or call centers, have come such a long way from the old days of operator switchboards that it’s easy to get wrapped up in just how many ways businesses can benefit from today’s advanced options. But it’s also useful for anyone who’s considering hiring an answering service to start with the basics by asking, “How does it work?”

1st — You choose when you need help with calls.

You can choose to have your calls forwarded to the answering service during specified times — such as after-hours, on holidays, during staff meetings, or when you’re short-staffed. You can also have your calls forwarded to an answering service 24-hours a day. The call answering solution will depend on what serves you and your customers best.

2nd — The answering service manages those calls.

The professional receptionists promptly answer each of your calls in your company’s name, acting as an extension of your business. Most callers aren’t even aware they’re speaking with a receptionist that isn’t physically in your office.

The receptionists gather thorough information from each caller, including name, phone number, a detailed reason for their call, and any additional information you ask them to get. Per your instructions, they can also make appointments or answer essential questions about your business.

3rd — Information is relayed to you.

All calls are recorded and are available to you at any time. You will also advise your answering service about which calls are considered urgent and need to be relayed quickly, or which calls need to be directed to another staff member. Messages can be delivered to your and your staff several ways:

  • Non-emergency messages will be recorded for you to respond to during office hours.
  • You advise how you prefer emergency calls be directed to the on-call person if the office is closed.  Calls can be transferred to that person at home, on a cell phone, or via pager.
  • You have several options for how you’d like to receive messages, so an answering service will customize their responses to meet your needs. We can page you several different ways.
  • You can receive your messages automatically as often as you like, directly to your fax machine. Even if a message is relayed during after-hours, all messages taken by the answering service will be faxed daily.
  • Messages can be sent to your email address.
  • You can check your messages anytime, at your convenience, by using the voice mailbox the answering service provides.

At Voice Link of Columbus, Inc., our mission is to make your job easier. We manage your calls with prompt, professional customer service and relay your messages efficiently and accurately so that you and your staff can take care of business. We customize our communications to meet your needs. You may need us only during after-hours and on weekends. However, we can be utilized on holidays or while your office is on vacation. We can also help during office hours by receiving your calls if all your lines are busy.

We’ve built our reputation on helping our customers keep in touch with their customers. At Voice Link of Columbus, Inc., we know that the way your calls are handled reflects on the reputation of your business. Voice Link of Columbus, Inc. provides live answering services that exceed your expectations. Request information online or call us at (800) 262-2799 for a free consultation.

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