Why Small Businesses Need An Answering Service This Summer

Voice Link - Small Business Answering Service

In today’s world, people expect their needs to be taken care of ASAP. And, that includes customer service. But, small businesses often don’t have the manpower to be available for their customers 24/7/365. And, with summer coming up, small business employees will most likely be needing time off for vacations or wanting to spend some much-needed time with their families. What’s a small business owner to do?


The answer is simple! Hire a virtual live answering service, like Voice Link.   


Benefits Of An Answering Service For Small Businesses


  1. Your phones can be covered 24/7/365 by someone who knows your business.

A live answering service can not only field your calls 24/7/365, but when you trust your call answering needs to a top-notch virtual answering service, like Voice Link, your calls will be answered by someone who is knowledgeable about your business. You can even customize call scripts so your calls are answered exactly the way you want them answered. 


  1. An answering service can cover your business based on your exact needs.

Depending on the virtual receptionist service you go with, they can typically develop a plan based on the needs of your small business. Here at Voice Link, we can customize a plan that is tailored exactly to your small business’s needs. We can manage your calls:


  • 24/7/365
  • Just after hours
  • During employee vacations
  • On holidays
  • During important company-wide events or staff meetings
  • For roll-over coverage during busy times 


When you trust a virtual answering service, like Voice Link to handle your calls, you get the peace of mind that your customers are being helped and that you won’t come back from your break to a ton of voicemails. 


  1. A virtual answering service can help with other important day-to-day tasks.

The Voice Link team can do so much more than just cover your small business’s phones. We can also help with other administrative tasks. Our team can: 


  • Conduct intakes
  • Filter emergency/non-emergency calls
  • Schedule appointments  
  • Provide order entry services 
  • Dispatch services 


Voice Link Can Handle Your Small Business’s Needs This Summer And Beyond!

Whether your small business just needs the help of a live answering service for the summer or you need coverage year-round, Voice Link of Columbus can help! We have over 30 years of experience in complete telecommunication solutions, and we promise our live answering services will exceed your expectations. To request more information about our virtual answering services or to find your plan, fill out our contact form or give us a call at (800) 262-2799 for a free consultation.