Why Small Or Solo Law Practices Must Have Virtual Receptionists In 2019


Trends in the legal industry over the past two years are shining a light on what those in the industry can expect in 2019. One finding that’s clear is that small or solo law practices have been struggling with both productivity and client communications.

The 2017 Clio Legal Trends Report revealed that attorneys were interrupted an average of six times per day, resulting in nearly two hours of lost time. In addition, the average attorney spent only 1.9 hours per day on billable work, and only 86% of revenue from billed time was ever collected. These inefficiencies resulted in damaging losses of productivity and revenue.

A year later, the 2018 Clio Legal Trends Report revealed another key statistic to monitor: A client’s “likelihood to recommend” your firm is one of the strongest indicators of customer loyalty and perception of your firm. The report states that “almost every factor related to ease and responsiveness” impacts the likelihood to recommend a firm, which means that the more client-centered a firm is, the more referrals they earn.

In fact, two out of three potential clients say their decision to hire is most influenced by a firm’s initial responsiveness to their first call or email.

Potential clients aren’t inclined to either leave a voicemail or wait for an attorney to follow-up if  they do leave a voicemail. In order to remain competitive, small law practices simply need to find ways to be more responsive to clients.

However, this creates a dilemma for a solo or small firm attorney: potential and existing clients expect responsiveness, but interruptions seriously erode your productivity. It’s impossible to be fully responsive to calls and questions without sacrificing productivity. Virtual receptionists are an indispensable solution.

If properly trained and equipped, virtual receptionists should be able to carry out critical tasks, such as:

  • Answer all incoming calls
  • Screen and qualify potential clients based on your criteria
  • Block unsolicited sales calls and spam
  • Schedule appointments
  • Integrate with your CRM and practice management software

The virtual receptionists at Voice Link of Columbus, Inc. can help you deliver the service your clients deserve by managing your calls whenever you need—after business hours, during peak hours, or full-time 24/7.

With an 82% referral rate, Voice Link provides live answering services that will exceed your expectations and will keep your customers coming back. Our monthly plans contain no hidden fees and are tailored to suit your unique needs. Request information online or call us at (800) 262-2799 for a free consultation.